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309 Organizational Development Essay - Organizational...

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Organizational Development Essay 1 Running Head: Organizational Development Essay Organizational Development Essay MGT 309 August 29, 2011
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Organizational Development Essay 2 The organizational development process plays a vital role for organizations to achieve long-term goals in the economic marketplace. Profitability , productivity, morale and quality of work life are of concern to most organizations because they impact achievement of organization goals (ODN, 2011). The purposes organizational development is to give decision makers ability to invest and maximize employee efficiency. The five-stage model for organizational development describes aspects of the process, and is a template to illustrate organizational development characteristics. Purpose of Organizational Development and its Characteristics Organization Development is the process of improving organizations, and the practice of helping organizations solve problems to reach their goals. The process is carefully planned and implemented to benefit the organization, its employees, and its stakeholders (MIT, 2011). The organization may be an entire company , public agency , non-profit organization, volunteer group, or a smaller part of a larger organization (ODN, 2011). A key emphasis in Organizational Development is assisting organization not just in meeting their goal, but with learning new problem-solving skills they can use in the future (MIT, 2011). Other key factors in Organizational Development include using planned interventions and behavioral science knowledge to improve organizational effectiveness (Brown, 2006). Organizational Development interventions facilitate and transform a prospector firm to become more adaptable, responsive, and innovation directed (Panley, 2011). Organization Development consultants provide services to
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309 Organizational Development Essay - Organizational...

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