Week 5 paper - Internal problems are inevitable within an...

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Internal problems are inevitable within an organization no matter the structure. The problems will exist unless a manager recognizes the situation and fix the problem. The cause of internal problems is a result from employee conflict, rule change, disobedience, and miscommunications. Managers must have the ability to use techniques to solve intergroup problems that teams faces within an organization. Successful managers usually implement proven theories and process. These processes lead to an organization that produces results at a high level. Exley Chemical Company managers must find ways to solve its internal problems to satisfy the stakeholders and achieve long- term goals. Ways for Exley Chemical Company to Resolve Conflict In many cases, managers must recognize conflict. Once the conflict is recognize the manager or decision makers must have the tools implement conflict resolution tactics. Although conflict is inevitable at Exley Chemical Company does not mean it is beneficial. Conflict usually results in a process working ineffectively if the organization does not recognize the situation. A rift between team members and departments can create a void that can result in the entire organization operating ineffectively. Problems usually start small, but leads to very large problems if the conflict is not resolved. An unresolved conflict can affect the every entity within the organization. Communication and the ability for team members and departments to work cohesively are vital. The foundation of an organization is the ability to communicate and act as one to complete an assigned task, and failure in one of these areas will prevent the organization from
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operating at a high-level. Effective communications will help address issues and problems. Exley Chemical Company needs a managing director to that leads the organization and develops the company culture and department roles. The organizations are structured, but the department does not know their roles completely. Conflict arises at Exley Chemical Company because departments do not have boundaries established. Managing director manage everything which includes customers, employees, and assets to increase the organization’s profitability. Managers at Exley Chemical Company must evaluate the way they are facilitating responsibility. Using a simple six-step process, managers can structure their project planning and implementation processes in a way that promotes team and stakeholder collaboration. Poor leadership, a faulty problem-solving process, poor teamwork, and
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Week 5 paper - Internal problems are inevitable within an...

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