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The Model Chosen The social network analysis model is a process organization use that is based on a relationship between individual, teams, and groups (Brown, 2011). Effective use of social network analysis can strengthen the formal communication channels and leverage peer support. The model shows how the importance of entities interacting. ABC’s organization uses the social network perspective to encompass theories, models, and applications that are expressed in terms of relational concepts or processes (Gretzel, 2001). The use of network analysis helps ABC’s organization understand many central principles and a network perspective that help leaders within the organization make
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Unformatted text preview: decisions. With a social network analysis model ABC’s organization have the ability to understand the various roles and groups within their networks. Understanding and having insight of the experts, leaders, and bridges give decision makers a better understanding how to implement changes and making decisions. References Brown, D. R., & Harvey, D. (2006) Understanding the OD Process. A Experimental to Organization Development, Seventh Edition ISBN: 9780131441682 Gretzel, U. (2001) What is Social Network Analysis? Retrieved September 2, 2011 from
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