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Quality Textile 1 Running Head: Quality Textile Quality Textile Exercise Paper MGT 449 July 11, 2011
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Quality Textiles International makes weave fabrics and prepares the sheet lengths that required by its target market. Approaches to managing quality, statistical process control, and zero defects management is vital to the success of the textile industry. Textile standards help fabric, cloth designers, and manufacturers in testing textiles to ensure acceptable characteristics . The organizations objective of the quality assurance department is to meet customer requirements by knowing the fabric weight and standard deviation continually. Quality Textiles International achieve their quality assurance by measuring the process using Microsoft Excel Software to test how many points are out of control according to the upper control limit and lower control limit. Fifty Fabric Weight measurements of Fabric Samples Collected by the Quality Assurance department Quality Textile International have received complaints that the fabric measured in ounces per square inch does not meet customers’ requirements, which are very close to the control limits. Quality assurance calculated the mean and standard deviation on the collected samples to determine if the process operating as intended. Observation
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German_Week4_QualityTextilesExercise_Paper[1] - Quality...

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