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Understanding the mission is a general reason why businesses exist in any region. There are many reasons to create a global business relationship with India. The objective to conduct business in India is to save cost through outsourcing. The outsourcing activities include information technology services, business process outsourcing, back office operations, medical transcription, web development services, and infrastructure. Outsourcing in India is maturing and companies are seeking the advantages. The advantages of outsourcing include India’s manpower, education system, and government policies. India produces talented students that proficient in all disciplines including file management systems and system software.   The availability of technically trained and skilled manpower in India is making companies across the world look at the country as a profitable base to shift their high-end support services. Software experts in India are equipped to make the most of international scenarios because of their command over
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Unformatted text preview: quantitative concepts along with understanding how to communicate in various situations. India also has manpower that allows companies to outsource specialized talent in specific areas. The government of India has taken steps to support the growth of outsourcing sector by given global companies’ incentives by doing business in the country. Conducting business in India through outsourcing provide companies cost-effective services, increased efficiency, increased productivity, shared risks, reduced operating cost, increased quality, better services, and time for organizations to focus on other core competencies. The reason why global organization outsources is to potentially cut operations. Outsourcing companies in India use the latest in software, technology, and infrastructure to provide global customers with high-quality outsourcing solutions. Outsourcing in India help global organizations achieve its mission which consist of providing customer satisfaction and creating wealth....
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