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Review chart Music Apprec wed sp 2011

Review chart Music Apprec wed sp 2011 - CONTINU O...

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Genre Era began Timbre Characteristi cs: Rhythm, Melody, Form, Dynamics, Language, texture Movements Number and type, names Composers MASS medieval Vocal (inst optional – except A capella Latin Additive form Polyphonic Kyrie Gloria Credo Sanctus Agnus Dei Bach Mozart Palestrina Dufay DesPrez (Josquin) MOTET Medieval vocal Chant bass Mix sacred and secular Single mvt Vary by era – Dowland Monteverdi Purcell MADRIGA L Renaissan ce Vocal (inst Optional) Polyphonic or homophonic Strophic or additive Vernacular Conjunct narrow range For amateurs WORD Painting Single mvt Weelkes Dowland Purcell Monteverdi OPERA Baroque Vocal Mostly solo with orch Aperiodic & periodic Italian (Or English) Opera house Imitative polyphonic with homophony Fully staged Recitative Aria (choruses) Purcell Monteverdi Handel
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Plot from mythology Or ancient history CONCER TO Baroque Solo inst With orch cadenza Ritornello vs soli Polyphonic Three mvts 1. Fast 2. Slow 3. Fast Vivaldi Bach Handel CONCER TO GROSSO Baroque Several soloists With orch CONTINU
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Unformatted text preview: CONTINU O Ritornello vs soli Cadenza Polyphonic Three mvts 1. fast 2. slow 3. fast Bach Vivaldi Handel DANCE SUITE Renaissan ce & Baroque Instrumen tal (solo or group) Predictable Inflexible rhythm & form Aabb or aabbccddaa bb Single mvt – Suite collection of dances to be danced Bach Handel Couperin Albrechtsber ger CANTATA Baroque Orchestra l with vocal (organ as continuo) Polyphonic and Homophonic Sacred Hymn based Verses (aria) Bach FUGUE Baroque Organ or multiple instrumen ts or singers Monophonic subject – Polyphonic throughout Exposition Processive Single mvt Bach Handel Vivaldi BALLAD medieval Vocal – Solo singer with one Vernacular Story telling Often strophic Single mvt anonymous inst acc Sometimes additive ORATORI O Baroque Vocal and orchestra Vernacular Opera House Not staged Old Test Aria Recitative Chorus Handel...
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Review chart Music Apprec wed sp 2011 - CONTINU O...

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