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Competency Descriptions Why it is important? It is about It is not about Behaviours 1 2 3 4 Behaviours Changing own values to be social y accepted or liked by other people Proactively seeking new environments that would enhance one's understanding of diversity Knowing one's own strenghts and weakeness; actively focusing on improving oneself Focusing on developing only personal weaknesses Trusting oneself and at the same time being modest, to al ow others use their own talents Empowering people to reach their goals and offering them support and recognition in doing so Ignoring individual successes of others and focusing only on personal goals Being open and transparent while taking actions and communicating and working with others Abandonning commitments and morals in times of chal enge Sticking to one decission that people don’t agree with or that affects their own values Basing one's action on the basis of personal connections, likes and dislikes, etc. Constantly actualizing and communicating own plans' achievements or non-achievements Ensuring clarity upon one's own roles and responsibilities and that of others Sticking to one decision that people don’t agree with or that affects their own values Setting ambitious but realistic goals and meeting them Pressuring others through an aggressively control ing approach Helping others for the purpose of own intersts and achievements Developing others just through social activities and general motivation activities Encouraging constructive feedback and open communication Being able to make effective and timely decisions for the benefit of the organization Creating mistrust and unecessary time consuming decision making processes Adaptability - Being able to adjust easily to changes and new conditions, in order to be able to perform in diverse environments. By being able to respect oneself and others as well as understanding the reasons and motives behind individual behaviours, one wil be able to adapt quickly to diverse environments, to perform and generate results. Changing own behavior to fit different situations and conditions to generate understanding,
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