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Competency_Model_New - Adapting when circumstances change...

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Competencies Required Behaviors Grades 4 3 2 1 Active Learner Self Awareness Displaying awareness of own strengths and weaknesses Considering the consequences of own action Being honest about own motives and aspirations Developing Others Helping others to improve their performance Encouraging people to do their best Inspiring trust and confidence in others Actively contributing to other’s learning and development Flexible Thinking Using technical knowledge effectively Analysing information and situations Making effective decisions Prepared to change own opinions Culturally Sensitive Awareness  of Others Showing understanding of others’ people feelings Showing respect for the opinions of others Showing sensitivity to other’s needs Promoting respect for others in group Inclusiveness Including others in decision making processes Ensuring all sides are heard in a discussion Making people feel part of a group Treating people from diverse backgrounds equally Entrepreneurial Resilience Working under pressure Persisting even when it’s difficult
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Unformatted text preview: Adapting when circumstances change Staying calm when faced with difficult situations Innovation Taking on a new challenge Implementing new ideas Often suggesting new ideas Being open to change Socially Responsible Stakeholders Focus Making sure everyone’s concerns are addressed Cooperating with partners and other stakeholders Exceeding expectations of customers and other stakeholders Creating mutual beneficial relationships Commitment to result Actively contributing to organisational performance Focusing on end results and targets Keeping track of progress Delivering on promises and commitments None Personal Effectiveness Managing own work load efficiently Finishing work before deadlines Being accurate and focusing on details Planning carefully to meet targets Effective Communication Writing clearly and concisely Communicating effectively with diverse audiences Listening actively to others Helping people network with each other Effectiv...
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