RECRUITMENT BOOKLET_ Amended by King - 揭 揭揭 揭揭揭...

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AIESEC SWUFE RECRUITMENT BOOKLET PART 1 Recruitment Process The basic flow and the explanation of the recruitment: 1 Welcome the interviewer and EBs self-introduction 2 Brief introductions in English 3 mins ——To evaluate their English skill and ask them some general questions about their characters and Aiesec knowledge ——VPI\VPO focus more on function work.TM focuses on the AIESEC fit etc. Functional Team Competencies needed Optional Skills TM • Awareness of Others • Developing Others • Organizational Skills • Project Management • Team Management • Time Management • Advanced Excel Skills • Planning and Prioritising • Selling Skills • Presentation • Delegation • Leadership ICX • Stakeholder Focus • Resilience OGX • Awareness of Others • Flexible Thinking FN • Personal Effectiveness • Commitment to Results PART 2 CVs of applicants
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Unformatted text preview: 揭 揭揭 揭揭揭 揭揭揭 揭揭揭 揭揭 PART 3 Applicant Evaluation sheet Applicant evaluation sheet Name of applicant: Interviewer: [Comments to motivation ]: Question to ask: Why do you choose Aiesec? / What do you expect to get in Aiesec? [Comments to time availability and commitment ]: Question to ask: What kinds of activities do you participant? / How much time can you spare for Aiesec? [Comments to position preferences ] 揭 Question to ask: Do you have a preferred position? Do you know what the function of that position? Why do you think you are qualified for that job? [Comments to AIESEC Fit ] 揭 Focusing on his or her characteristics, though his or her experiences, we can get more specific information. Such as: List one activities you join in and describe you role and what you have benefit from it. [Comments to Skills and Experience ]:...
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RECRUITMENT BOOKLET_ Amended by King - 揭 揭揭 揭揭揭...

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