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RECRUITMENT BOOKLET_ Amended by King - 揭 揭揭 揭揭揭...

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AIESEC SWUFE RECRUITMENT BOOKLET PART 1 Recruitment Process The basic flow and the explanation of the recruitment: 1 Welcome the interviewer and EBs self-introduction 2 Brief introductions in English 3 mins 3 Q&A in English 5-7 mins ——To evaluate their English skill and ask them some general questions about their characters and Aiesec knowledge 4 Q&A in Chinese 15-20 mins ——VPI\VPO focus more on function work.TM focuses on the AIESEC fit etc. Functional Team Competencies needed Optional Skills TM • Awareness of Others • Developing Others • Organizational Skills • Project Management • Team Management • Time Management • Advanced Excel Skills • Planning and Prioritising • Selling Skills • Presentation • Delegation • Leadership ICX • Stakeholder Focus • Resilience OGX • Awareness of Others • Flexible Thinking FN • Personal Effectiveness • Commitment to Results PART 2 CVs of applicants
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Unformatted text preview: 揭 揭揭 揭揭揭 揭揭揭 揭揭揭 揭揭 PART 3 Applicant Evaluation sheet Applicant evaluation sheet Name of applicant: Interviewer: [Comments to motivation ]: Question to ask: Why do you choose Aiesec? / What do you expect to get in Aiesec? [Comments to time availability and commitment ]: Question to ask: What kinds of activities do you participant? / How much time can you spare for Aiesec? [Comments to position preferences ] 揭 Question to ask: Do you have a preferred position? Do you know what the function of that position? Why do you think you are qualified for that job? [Comments to AIESEC Fit ] 揭 Focusing on his or her characteristics, though his or her experiences, we can get more specific information. Such as: List one activities you join in and describe you role and what you have benefit from it. [Comments to Skills and Experience ]:...
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