JD VP HR - JD VP HR Role Tracking and sustaining our...

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JD VP HR Role Tracking and sustaining our members development in AIESEC through preparation programs and involving them in the all the activities from the LC Offering the proper environment for the members to be able to designee and track their own Learning Plan in AIESEC Support AIESEC XP implementation at local level Implementing the elements of learning environment in the LC Develop and implement the strategy for international cooperation Team Leaders’ Team Management Main Responsibilities: Coordinator of a team: develop the HR team realizing the planning of the area with the members of the team design the JD for each team leader and other positions available in the department splitting and delegating the tasks in the team inform the team about the local, national and international regarding the changes that affects the department track the involvement of the members in the department and in AIESEC generally Area responsibilities: Human resources planning Ξ Analyzing human resources needs from the LC taking into consideration the objectives established on log term and short term and realizing a strategy for the next year. Ξ With the EB decide the human resources needed in the LC and on the allocation and orientation for the next activities. Analyzing and description of the Job Description from the LC Ξ offer assistance for the coordinators and team leaders to designee and create clear and correct Job Descriptions Ξ assure the implementation of the Job Description at the LC level Ξ assure the reevaluation of the JDs periodically Recruitment process Ξ create the recruitment plan (including here period of promotion, targeted
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JD VP HR - JD VP HR Role Tracking and sustaining our...

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