TM system usage - Process mapping Aim: know the TM...

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Process mapping Aim: know the TM processes and how, what reasons can be used for see how they can be used, what tools are available what results can be expected from the usage of the system what elements can be used for different goals Elements: - systems analysis - usage - goal alignment connection
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Process Description Areas to use Methods and tools Result Who Mi változik? planning Niki marketing Niki selection Judit induction Niki allocation Judit Judit Tami coaching Tami fast track Niki succession Niki transition Judit Niki Tami Niki review Niki h4tf - closing and AIESEC XP - individual career in society Tami exit interview Judit career planning Tami This is a process that identifies current and future human resources needs for an organization to achieve its goals. It means forecasting an organization's future demand and supply for employees, based on its business needs. Talent planning, then, has two dimensions: planning for the required numbers of qualified and competent members and planning for the people management practices that will enable the organization to meet its business goals, i.e. more AIESEC experiences, more issue based experiences, more people on leadership roles etc. better. - HR need for areas, - allocation plan - possible pipeline, positions - profile creation - LC plans - Team plans - pipeline management - functional plans - returnee/trainee involvement - membership calculation - Recruitment plan - based on the goal and activites and needed HR capacity for it - Membership numbers - Leadership numbers - OGX numbers - L&X - pipeline for the year Számolási mód Planning tool Negyedéves tervezés Is about ensuring that we attack proper people into organization. It is also about promoting opportunities among current members as: internship, conferences and leadership. - messages for profiles, positions - benefits of opportunities (teams, areas, leadership, Coopearation with the communication area: - recruitment - L positions - L&X - promotion period - campaigns for positions - leadership talks - personal XP sharing - competency development - newsletters, other online platforms - right people doing the right activity - motivation&engagement alignment - filled positions - intenrational opp: conferences, CEED Kooperáció a kommunikációval - szorosabb (platformok, csatornák, üzenetek) We have to ensure to have right people in organization and on different positions. Firs of all we need to know the profile of people that we are looking for That is way we can define selection on different stages in AIESEC. Selection into Organization, Selection for Leadership Role as also Selection for Exchange. We are assessing competencies, skills of people, checking their motivation and aspiration. selection for:
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TM system usage - Process mapping Aim: know the TM...

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