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Unformatted text preview: Business Statistics ? ? ? ? ? ? : A321 Emial : [email protected] Slide 1 考考考考 s s s s 考考考 15% 考考考考考 15% 考考考 20% 考考考 50% Slide 2 Chapter 1 Data and Statistics Slide 3 Major Contents s s s s s Applications in Business and Economics Data Data Sources Descriptive Statistics Statistical Inference Slide 4 Applications in Business and Economics s s s Accounting Public accounting firms use statistical sampling procedures when conducting audits for their clients. Finance Financial analysts use a variety of statistical information, including price­earnings ratios and dividend yields, to guide their investment recommendations. Marketing Electronic point­of­sale scanners at retail checkout counters are being used to collect data for a variety of marketing research applications. Slide 5 Applications in Business and Economics s s Production A variety of statistical quality control charts are used to monitor the output of a production process. Economics Economists use statistical information in making forecasts about the future of the economy or some aspect of it. Slide 6 Data s s s s Elements, Variables, and Observations Scales of Measurement Qualitative and Quantitative Data Cross­Sectional and Time Series Data Slide 7 Data and Data Sets s s Data are the facts and figures that are collected, summarized, analyzed, and interpreted. The data collected in a particular study are referred to as the data set. Slide 8 Elements, Variables, and Observations s s s s The elements are the entities on which data are collected. A variable is a characteristic of interest for the elements. The set of measurements collected for a particular element is called an observation. The total number of data values in a data set is the number of elements multiplied by the number of variables. Slide 9 Data, Data Sets, Elements, Variables, and Observations Observation Variables Stock Annual Earn/ Company Exchange Sales($M) Sh.($) Dataram EnergySouth Keystone LandCare Psychemedics Elements AMEX 73.10 0.86 OTC 74.00 1.67 NYSE 365.70 0.86 NYSE 111.40 0.33 AMEX 17.60 0.13 Data Set Datum Slide 10 Scales of Measurement s s s Scales of measurement include: • Nominal • Ordinal • Interval • Ratio The scale determines the amount of in...
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