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03-09 感谢信


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Dear Mr. Urban, Thank you for your offer of employing me as your secretary. I am very excited about being part of your team, and eager to start work on March 15, 2009. I will work harder than before and get along with the team members. Yours sincerely, Nicole Jackson 亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲
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Unformatted text preview: 亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲 亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲 2009 亲 3 亲15 亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲亲 亲亲·亲亲亲 亲亲...
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