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1 Advising 1 – Thoughts About What, Why, And How To Do College CONCEPTS Consumption vs. Investment – you take courses for ‘enjoyment’ and for building your human capital - skills and abilities for use on the job. Investment in Human Capital o General - background skills like reading, writing, thinking, analyzing o vs specific human capital – needed on the job and best learned on the job. Returns to Higher Education o gross – almost double annual income for college degree compared to high school, and maybe higher non-pecuniary returns o net 5-12% per year Serendipity – life is often quite unpredictable, prepare accordingly ( ) PRINCIPLES GET UP, SHOW UP, KEEP UP Have a plan -think NOW, about where you want to wind up after 4 (5) years o cum laude, phi beta kappa, honors, Rhodes scholar, president of frat o time abroad? o interesting important summer jobs/internships Do your homework - find out about opportunities, requirements, etc before rather
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Advising+1+Concepts+and+Principles - Advising 1 Thoughts...

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