MCB 3020 Lab midterm practice

MCB 3020 Lab midterm practice - MCB 3020 LAB Test, Fall...

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MCB 3020 LAB Test, Fall 2001 Name__________________________ (50 questions worth 2 points each; assume pink and red are synonymous for quiz) 1. What adjusts the diameter of the cone of light so that it just fills the objective lens? C a. condenser b. Abbe condencer c. iris diaphragm d. fine adjustment e. course adjustment 2. Oil (write both correct answers) B,D a. has the same refractive index as air b. has approximately the same refractive index as glass c. is used with the high dry lens d. lessens the bending of light rays away from objective lens e. has same numerical aperture as air 3. When transferring a loopful from a culture tube to the slide, after flaming the loop the cap of tube is removed C a. and placed open side down on lab bench b. and placed open side up on lab bench c. and held using the small finger of the hand holding the inoculating loop d. and held in the hand holding the culture tube e. either a or b 4 . Mycobacterium tuberculosis in an acid fast staining procedure C a. stains as bright blue rods b. is rapidly decolorized with acid alcohol c. has a high wax content wall that resists decolorization & retains the carbol fuschin dye d. is stained by the counterstain e. stains with crystal violet 5. A rod shaped acid fast negative bacterium B a. stains as bright pink-violet rods b. is rapidly decolorized with acid alcohol c. has a high wax content wall d. resists decolorization and stains with methylene blue e. a,c 6. The contrast improves when B a. you use a higher power lens for the objective b. the iris diaphragm is closed down some but not completely c. the condencer is dropped down d. cells are observed in a wet mount e. a,d
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7. Heat fixation B a. is not necessary for the spore stain b. causes proteins and nucleic acids to denature c. causes the polysaccharides to precipitate and makes cells stick to slide d. occurs before air drying e. makes cells wash off easier after staining 8. The function of iodine in gram stain: (Write two correct answers ) B,D a. decolorizer b. forms complex with crystal violet c. counterstain d. mordant e. removes crystal violet 9. If the wavelength of light is decreased, what effect does this have on resolution? E a. makes resolution worse b. gives a better resolution c. does not change resolution d. makes the diameter of the smallest resolvable object smaller e. b,d 10. Which of the following anaerobic structures or cells would stain green with heated Malachite green and retain that dye? D a. spore of Bacillus b. sporangium of Bacillus c. endospores of Staphylococcus d. endospores of Clostridium e. sporangium of Clostridium 11. Negative staining E a. stains the background b. uses anionic or insoluble dyes
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MCB 3020 Lab midterm practice - MCB 3020 LAB Test, Fall...

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