MCB 3020 practice test 1

MCB 3020 practice test 1 - MCB 3020 Spring 2002 Test 1 Name...

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MCB 3020 Spring 2002, Test 1 Name_______________________________________ 1 Lysozyme a. is absent in tears b. hydrolyzes the peptide links in peptidoglycan c. hydrolyzes the beta 1,4 glycosidic bond of peptidoglycan d. attacks the glycosidic bonds between glucose subunits of starch e. a,b 2. The membranes of eukaryotes a. are very different from procaryotes b. contain hopanoids c. are similar to archaebacteria d. contain sterols e. b,c 3. Two alpha polypepide chains associate with two beta polypeptide chains. a. primary b. secondary c. tertiary d. quaternary 4. Which of the following is correct about endospores of bacteria? a. very high water content b. diarninopimelic acid content high c. are used for multiplication d. calcium plays are role in dehydration e. b,d 5. Koch's postulates include all except a. The microorganism can be isolated in pure culture from the diseased organism b. The microorganism is found in the diseased organism but not in healthy c. the re-isolation of the microorganism from the laboratory infected animal and the demonstration that the microorganism has mutated to a pathogen. d. include that the disease is produced when a pure culture of the microorganism in injected into a susceptible animal 6. An long aliphatic hydrocarbon a. non-polar or hydrophobic b. ionically charged d. very polar e. is not part of the fatty acid structure 7. RNA differs from DNA a. in that RNA has no secondary structure with hydrogen bonding b. in that uracil replaces thymine c. in that the ribose sugar has two hydrogens on the 2' carbon d. in all of the above e. b,c 8 Carl Woese in 1980 used data from RNA fingerprinting of ribosomal RNA to support the division of living organisms into 3 biological kingdoms that today are referred to as domains: Which of these include the true bacteria? a. Protista b. Archae c. Eubacteria d. Monera e. Procaryotae
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9-11 Match the following structures with names Answers 9-11 : a. sufahydral b. nucleoside diphosphate c. nucleotide d. nucleoside e. nucleoside tri-phosphate ab. amino acid ac. Amino sugar ad. Amide ae .purine bc. Pyrimidine bd. Ketone be. Carboxylic acid cd. aldehyde ce keto acid de ester 12. If the keto form is shown, which of the following would be the enol form? 13. Bacteria were placed in what kingdom by Whitaker's 5 Kingdom scheme? a. Protista b. Monera c. Higher Protista d. Eubacteria e. Archaebacteria 14.The LPS a. is absent in gram negative bacteria b. contains 3 sections: the core lipids. the polysaccharide A component, and the o-specific polysaccharides c. has an endotoxic polysaccharide component d. b.c e. none of the above 15. Removal of water between a hydroxyl group of one deoxy-sugar and the phosphate group of a second deoxy- sugar produces a____________________ .bond between the nucleotides in DNA? a. 3'5' phospho-ether
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MCB 3020 practice test 1 - MCB 3020 Spring 2002 Test 1 Name...

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