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a worn path ending

a worn path ending - to take my journey back home While I...

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Brittney Williams English 11 Mrs. Bronner August 28, 2008 Ending to The worn path As I got Outside of thee ol’ building I slowly wobbled my way over to the general store. I was destined to find that paper windmill for my grandson. I reached the door and grasped the door knob and I gave it a turn to the left. I was weakening with age and I could tell the knob was old. It wouldn’t budge. I wasn’t leaving till I got my hands on that windmill. I thrusted my hands on the door but no one came too. A great sadness started to rest inside of me like a kid waking up on Christmas morning and there not being any presents under the tree. I saw next to the door a sign that read “Store Closed”. I decided
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Unformatted text preview: to take my journey back home. While I was walking I herd someone speak to me and say “Your journey is coming to an hault you have accomplished many things in your lifetime…don’t be afraid to leave this earth and come to a much better place a place of peace and everlasting life. Come into my arms of forgiveness child.” Said the Voice. What did this mean? Who was this voice I was hearing? I fell to my knees and started crying I wasn’t going to make my journey back home. Maybe not to my home here on earth. I was going home to stay were I now belong. My eyes closed gently and slowly and I lay there still as a book on a book stores shelf waiting for my owner to come take me home....
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