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Sample SHM problem - for small displacements Show your work...

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Sample Exam Problem A. [20 points] A thin, uniform rod of length L and mass M is suspended about the point L/3 from its top. A spring of constant k is attached between the top of the rod and a nearby wall. The length of the spring is such that the equilibrium position for the rod is at θ o = 0. The moment of inertia of the rod about its center of mass is ML 2 /12. What is the angular frequency of oscillation of this rod
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Unformatted text preview: for small displacements. Show your work B. [10 points] The device pictured above is now immersed in some liquid such that the equation of motion acquires a damping term and becomes Describe (qualitatively) the motion of the rod if it is released from a position θ ≠ for the case where i) β < ϖ o ii) β = ϖ o θ k L/3 Pivot...
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