301 (S99) Exam #1

301 (S99) Exam #1 - Physics 301 (Spring 1999) First Exam...

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Physics 301 (Spring 1999) First Exam (February 5, 1999) Name 1. [25 points total] An empty crate of mass m is in contact with the inner wall of a spinning cylinder. The crate and cylinder rotate together just fast enough that the empty crate does not fall. A. i. [3 pts] Draw an arrow on the diagram at right to show the direction of the acceleration of the crate, as measured by an outside observer. If the acceleration is zero, state that explicitly. ii. [7 pts] Draw a free-body diagram for the empty crate. Label each force, clearly showing: • the type of force (gravitational, tension, etc.) • the object upon which the force is exerted, and • the object exerting the force. Free-body diagram for the empty crate B The empty crate is now filled so that (together with its contents) it has a mass of 2m . The full crate is placed inside the cylinder so that initially it rotates together with the cylinder at the same rate as in part A. (Recall that this rate was just fast enough for the empty crate not to fall.) i. [3 pts] Is the horizontal component of the crate’s acceleration greater than , less than , or equal to that of the
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301 (S99) Exam #1 - Physics 301 (Spring 1999) First Exam...

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