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PHYSICS 103 Chapter 3 -- HW #8 Questions 32. The weight of the object is smaller because the gravitational force of attraction between the object and the Moon is smaller than the gravitational attraction between the object and Earth. Because the acceleration due to gravity on the Moon is only one-sixth as large as on Earth, the attraction of the Moon for the object must be one-sixth as large as the attraction of Earth. Therefore, the weight of the object on the Moon is one-sixth of its weight on Earth. 40. Notice that the question states that each crate is moving with a constant velocity. Therefore, each crate must experience zero net force. The two net forces are the same. Exercises 18. We can find the acceleration due to gravity on Mars by comparing the weight to the mass of
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Unformatted text preview: the object. This is an application of Newton’s second law to the gravitational attraction of Mars for the astronaut. 2 555 N or 3.7 m s 150 kg net Mars F W a g m m = = = = 20. We begin by using Newton’s second law to find the net force on the block. ( 29 ( 29 2 10 kg 3 m s 30 N net F ma = = = We then realize that the net force is just the vector sum of the applied force (the tension) and the frictional force. If we take the direction of the applied force as positive, the frictional force is negative and we have net applied friction F F F =-Therefore, 30 N 50 N 80 N applied net friction F F F = + = + = In terms of vectors, we have applied F net friction F F...
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