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PHYSICS 103 Chapter 4 -- HW #10 Questions 4. In order for the person on rollarblades to turn a corner, there must be a net force acting toward the inside of the curve. This force is the frictional force of the ground acting on the rollarblades. If the frictional force is not strong enough, the person cannot turn the corner as sharply. This could lead to the person hitting something. 8. The direction of the dog’s average acceleration is the same as the direction of the change in velocity. To find the change in velocity we take the final velocity and subtract the initial velocity. With vectors we add the final velocity and the negative of the initial velocity. 10. a) Because the acceleration is pointing in the opposite direction as the velocity, the object
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Unformatted text preview: is slowing down in a straight line. b) Because the acceleration has a component pointing in the opposite direction as the velocity, the object is slowing down. Because there is also a component of the acceleration to the right, the object is turning right as it slows down. Exercise 4. Use a scale drawing as shown at the right to get ∆ v = 130 km/h at 22.6 o north of east. Since the two velocities are at right angles to each other, we can also use the Pythagorean theorem to get the size. ( 29 ( 29 2 2 50 km/h 120 km h 130km h v ∆ = + =-50 m/s west 120 km/h north 130 km/h at 22.6 o E of N v f-v i ∆ v f v f v i ∆ v f...
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