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PHYSICS 103 Chapter 15 -- HW #17 Questions 6. We know that the period of a pendulum depends on the length of the pendulum and the acceleration due to gravity. The larger the acceleration due to gravity the shorter the period will be. Therefore, if we transported the grandfather clock to the Moon, the smaller acceleration due to gravity would increase the period and the grandfather clock would run too slow. Because the frequency is the inverse of the period, the frequency would decrease. 12. Because it takes 60 minutes for the minute hand to go around once, it has a period of 60
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Unformatted text preview: minutes or 3600 seconds. The frequency is the reciprocal of the period, so its frequency is 1/(3600 s) = 2.78 10-4 hertz. 22. You would generate a transverse pulse by moving your hand back and forth perpendicular to the spring. You would generate a longitudinal pulse by moving your hand back and forth along the direction of the spring. Exercise 14. The answer to Exercise 14 is on the right-hand side of the figure below. (The left-hand side is the answer to Exercise 13.)...
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