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PHYSICS 103 Chapter 15 -- HW #18 Questions 36. We know that for periodic waves the velocity of the wave is given by . v f = λ Therefore, if we keep the speed the same, cutting the frequency in half doubles the wavelength. 46. The frequency of the second harmonic is 2 f 1 , where f 1 is the frequency of the fundamental standing wave. The frequency of the sixth harmonic is 6 f 1 . Therefore, the frequency of the sixth harmonic is three times the frequency of the second harmonic. Exercises 20. This is a straightforward application of the wave equation.
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Unformatted text preview: Solving for the wavelength, we have 5100 m s 12.8 m 400 Hz v f λ = = = 24. This rope has one free end and one fixed end. Because the distance between adjacent nodes and antinodes is one-fourth the wavelength, the fundamental wavelength is four times the length of the rope, or 12 m long. Drawings show that this rope only has the odd harmonics, so the wavelengths are 12 12 12 12 m, m, m, m, . .. 1 3 5 7 λ =...
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