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sol21 - surface Therefore the boat must be traveling faster...

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PHYSICS 103 Chapter 16 -- HW #21 Questions 40. The beat frequency is equal to the difference in the frequencies of the two sound sources. Increasing the frequency of the lower frequency will cause the two frequencies to become closer together. Therefore, the beat frequency will decrease to zero. 48. Because the automobile is moving toward you, the frequency that you hear will be higher than that heard by the driver. Because the speed of the automobile is constant, the frequency that you hear will also be constant. 54. Wakes only occur when the boat travels faster than the speed of the water waves on the
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Unformatted text preview: surface. Therefore, the boat must be traveling faster than the speed of the water waves. Exercise 26. We know that the beat frequency is the difference in the two frequencies. Therefore, the unknown tuning fork must have a frequency that is either 2 Hz higher or 2 Hz lower than the tuning fork with the 360-Hz frequency. 360 Hz 2 Hz 358 Hz or 362 Hz f f-= = The analogous reasoning applies to the second tuning fork. 355 Hz 3 Hz 352 Hz or 358 Hz f f-= = Therefore, the frequency must be 358 Hz as it is the only frequency in common....
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