Exam #1 (S05) - MC

Exam #1 (S05) - MC - Multiple Choice25Questions Please...

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Multiple Choice –  25 Questions                   x 2pts =                  Please write your answers in the space provided. # correct score 1. The steepness of the curve on a position versus time curve tells us the _____ of the object. a. speed b. acceleration c. displacement d. rapidity 2. Which of the following could be a velocity? a. 5 meters west b. 5 meters per second west c. 5 meters per second d. 5 meters per second per second 3. An object is accelerating a. only when its speed changes. b. only when its direction changes. c. when its speed or direction changes. d. if its velocity is large. 4. A baseball is hit with a horizontal speed of 22 m/s and a vertical speed of 14 m/s upward. What are these speeds 1 s later? a. 22 m/s horizontal and 4 m/s upward b. 22 m/s horizontal and 24 m/s upward c. 12 m/s horizontal and 4 m/s upward d. 12 m/s horizontal and 14 m/s upward 5. If there is no net force acting on an object, its motion will be one with ______ acceleration. a. zero b. a constant, non-zero c. an increasing d. a decreasing 6. If an object moves with a constant velocity, we can conclude that a. the object has a very large inertia. b. the object is moving toward its natural place. c. there are no forces acting on the object. d. there is no unbalanced (net) force acting on the object. 7. An object is dropped off a cliff. How far will the object fall during the next four seconds? a. 40 m
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Exam #1 (S05) - MC - Multiple Choice25Questions Please...

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