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Exam #1 (S05) - Physics 103(Spring 2005 First Exam Name...

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Physics 103 (Spring 2005) First Exam (February 24, 2005) Name Signature Print your name LEGIBLY in the space provided above and then sign your exam. Partial credit will be given for all parts of this exam except the multiple choice. Show your line of reasoning; a final answer in itself is not sufficient. To get full credit, you must show CLEARLY how you obtained your answers. There are a total of 100 points available. Please CIRCLE YOUR ANSWERS, and always STATE THE UNITS if appropriate. If you need more space, use the back of the sheet. If you are confused about a question, PLEASE ASK for an explanation. Equations Uniform motion: v = x t = constant Non-uniform motion: v avg = x t v instantaneous = x t ; small t Constant acceleration: a = v t = constant Kinematic Equations: v = v 0 + a t Newton’s Laws: Second Law Third Law If #1 exerts a force on #2, then #2 exerts an equal and opposite force on #1. Friction: f s μ s N f k = μ k N Centripetal acceleration: r a cent = v 2 R toward center of circle .
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