Quiz #2 (S05) d

Quiz #2 (S05) d - PHYSICS103 Name Row Second Quiz 10 March...

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PHYSICS 103 Name                                        Row           Second Quiz 10 March 2005 1. The discussion in the text of the "launched apple" and the Moon shows that the a. velocities of the apple and Moon are constant. b. apple and the Moon have the same acceleration. c. motion of the Moon and apple can be explained by the same laws. d. apple and the Moon experience the same-sized force. 2. A man with a mass of 70 kg falls 5 m. How much kinetic energy does he gain? a. 5 J b. 35 J c. 350 J d. 3500 J 3. How much work is performed by the gravitational force F on a synchronous satellite during one day? a. FC , where C is the circumference of the orbit. b. Fr , where r is the radius of the orbit. c. zero, because the satellite does not move. d. zero, because the force is perpendicular to the velocity. 4. Which of the following properties of a ball is conserved as it falls freely in a vacuum? a. kinetic energy b. gravitational potential energy c. momentum d. mechanical energy 5. A 2-kg ball traveling to the right with a speed of 3 m/s collides with a 4-kg ball traveling to the left with a speed of 2 m/s. The total momentum of the two balls after the
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Quiz #2 (S05) d - PHYSICS103 Name Row Second Quiz 10 March...

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