Fall 2008 - Last N am e P le a s e c h e c k h e r e if y o...

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1 Please check here if you wish to have your exam returned to the boxes outside the classroom. Exams not returned to the boxes may be picked up at Professor Gray’s office (668C Kolthoff) during office hours (2:30 - 3:30 M-Tu-W-F). Last First Name Name Question 1. (please print) 2. I.D. number 3. Organic Chemistry 2301 Exam #1, October 1, 2008 4. Professor Gary R. Gray 5. Please answer all questions in the space provided. You may use a 6. calculator but not molecular models, notes or other electronic devices. 7. Total 1. ( 12 points, 2 each ) Draw a Lewis structure ( all valence electrons shown as dots ) for the following compounds. a. CO 2 b. HNO 2 (arranged HONO) c. N 2 d. HCN e. N 2 H 2 (arranged HNNH) f. CH 3 S(O)CH 3
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2 2. ( 20 points, 4 each ) For each of the following compounds, indicate the number of units of unsaturation present in the compound and draw a modified Kekulé structure (electron pair bond shown as a single line; unshared electron pairs shown as dots) of a compound having that molecular
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Fall 2008 - Last N am e P le a s e c h e c k h e r e if y o...

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