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Writing Resonance Structures Professor Gary R. Gray 1. Resonance structures only involve a change in electron organization. H C C C H H H H C H H C C H These are different compounds and are not resonance structures. 2. Identical electronic arrangements are of equal importance. H C O O H C O O equal contributors, C-O bond order 1.5 C O O O C O O O C O O O equal contributors C-O bond order 1.33 3. Structures containing the greater number of covalent bonds are more important. This is equivalent to saying that structures in which atoms have filled octets are more important. H C H O H H C H O H major contributor
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Unformatted text preview: H C H N H H H C H N H H major contributor 3, continued H C O H C O major contributor F C F F F C F F major contributor 4. Structures involving a minimum of charge separation are more important. H C H O H C H O H C O O H H C O O H major contributor major contributor 5. Structures in which negative charges are borne by more electronegative elements and positive charges are borne by more electropositive elements are more important. H C O C H H H C C O H H C H H N N H C H N N major contributor major contributor...
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