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I am a curious person who is interested in other's opinions. 2 I look for opportunities to solve problems. 3 3 I am willing to develop and experiment with ideas of my own. 3 I rely on my hunches and insights. 3 I can reduce complex decisions to a few simple questions by seing the "big picture." 3 I am good at promoting and gathering support for my ideas. 2 3 I dig out research and information to support my ideas. 2 2 I read books and magazine articles to stay on the "cutting edge" in my areas of interest.
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Unformatted text preview: 1 I believe I am creative and have faith in my good ideas. 3 Total: 30 I respond to changes in my life creatively by using them to redefine my goals and revising plans to reach them. I think further ahead than most people I associate with by thinking long term and sharing my vision with others. I am supportive of the creative ideas from my peers and subordinates and welcome "better ideas" from others....
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