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Darryl Williams - Darryl Williams Mercidee Curry BPD 200-61...

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Darryl Williams Mercidee Curry BPD 200-61 4 October 2010 Check Your Progress 1. Information technology involves the way new approaches to solve problems, perform tasks and manage communication. Technology influences the economy, because it changes what consumers spend their money on by improving goods and services. 2. Data is visible information. Knowledge is an understanding of a subject. Information is important to business, because it provides consumers with details about goods they might consider buying, and it helps the sellers decide what goods and quantities to produce or sell. 3. A management information system categorizes and sends information so it can later be used to make a decision. 4. The evolution of the internet has allowed more business to be made easier without the hassle of meeting the other party face to face. It has also made it possible to purchase goods cheaper than at a traditional business located in a building. 5. Intranet is a private computer network that securely shares information. For example, employees in the same company would use this to communicate with each other. Extranet is a computer network that allows access from the outside for specific business and organizations. For example, vendors or suppliers would use a company’s extranet to do business.
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Darryl Williams - Darryl Williams Mercidee Curry BPD 200-61...

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