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Feasibility Study - Feasibility Study for DK's Sub Shop...

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Feasibility Study for DK's Sub Shop Submitted by Darryl Williams Submitted to Mercidee Curry Submitted to the Department of Entrepreneurship and Professional Development In the College of Business at Jackson State University In partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for BPD 200-61: Intro to Business for Business Majors 25 October 2010
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Feasibility Study for a Submarine Sandwich Shop Product Our product will satisfy our customers' need of reasonably priced fast food. The main products that will be sold are submarine sandwiches, but what makes us different from other submarine shops is our variety, convenience, attractions. Unlike other submarine sandwich shops, we will provide our customers with a drive-thru, so they will not have to walk inside the restaurant. We will also allow our customers to order their food online with the option of delivery. Not only will we serve the traditional bags of chips and a drink to compliment the submarine sandwiches, but we will also include mozzarella sticks, hot wings, curly fries, nachos, and milkshakes on the main menu. Additionally, our niche will be serving a ten foot sub, and if a customer can eat the whole sandwich in one hour then the meal is complimentary. There will also be a gaming station and television inside the restaurant to entertain the customers while they wait for their food. Customer Our target customers are both male and female Americans who are in between the ages 5-25. These customers will be middle or low class citizens who live in and around middle and low class residential areas. They have occupations that earn them 50,000 dollars a year or less. These particular customers buy fast food on a regular basis, at least twice a week. They are somewhat
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This document was uploaded on 10/29/2011 for the course BPD 211 at Jackson State.

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Feasibility Study - Feasibility Study for DK's Sub Shop...

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