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Unformatted text preview: Biographical Profile Darryl Williams Jr. was born to Darryl Sr. and Stephanie Williams in St. Louis, Missouri. Both of his parents were college graduates and worked in their respective fields. His father was a computer engineer for Boeing, and his mother worked in human resources for a trucking company. His parents raised him and his sister to be an honor student, and also a skilled practitioner of many other activities such as sports and playing an instrument. He has always been fascinated with music, which lead him to take up playing piano, percussion, and teaching himself how to play the guitar. He is also an accomplished recording artist who has written, produced, and performed on various albums such as, 1 st Batch, Mack Up 1 st , and Against All Oddz. To add to his achievements, he has proven himself as a gifted poet. He realized his poetic potential during poetry competitions while attending Lutheran High School North, a college preparatory institution in St. Louis. His academic achievements are impressive as well. During his preparatory institution in St....
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