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Planning A Web Site

Planning A Web Site - layout with mainly white and green...

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Darryl Williams Mercidee Curry BPD 200-61 27 September 2010 Planning A Web Site The objective of the Biodegradable Packaging Products Inc. web site is to inform customers of our services, prices, and locations. Other information will also be provided, such as how the company began, our plans for the future, stock information, and how to make an online order. The site will also serve as a means of communication between the customers and the company. Additionally, there will be a tab for aspiring employees who are searching for work. The URL, http//:www.bppinc.com, is simple and easy to remember. The overall graphic design of the site will have a recycling-themed
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Unformatted text preview: layout with mainly white and green colors. The home page will consist of counter made of green wheels that slowly turn and inform people how many trees the company has saved since its opening. On every other page, there will be a smiling employee dressed in their work uniform leaning against a tree. Our potential partners will be Facebook and Twitter, because they currently have a very high promotion rate. Therefore, we will have both a Facebook and Twitter account, so our customers can stay current with the moves we are making....
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