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Darryl Williams Competition Our company will definitely have to compete with Pizza Hut, Dominos, Papa John’s, Chuck E. Cheese’s, Little Caesars, and Ci Ci’s Pizza at all locations. Dream Pizza will also have to take Totino’s Pizza, Digiorno, and Red Baron into consideration as competition, because they control the grocery store pizza market. Chuck E. Cheese’s and Ci Ci’s Pizza will compete with us across the board, but everyone else will be able to compete when it strictly involves taste, quality, and price of pizza. It is very doubtful that we will have many indirect competitors, because we offer more than any other business that may appear similar. It is our goal to have strict taste testing in culinary labs, so the quality of our food will surpass everyone else’s. When it comes to service, we will hire only the best and train our new employees so they will become
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Unformatted text preview: even better. Our top two competitors will be Chuck E. Cheese’s, for their entertainment of children, and Ci Ci’s Pizza, for their very cheap pizza buffet and arcade. Both of these businesses have us beat in certain areas such as: price, reputation, location credit policies, and advertising. However, our strengths are in the most important aspects of the pizza market like: product, quality, selection, expertise, reliability, stability, appearance, sales method, and image. The main reason these two companies have the advantage they have is because they have been around much longer than we have, so customers are already familiar with their product and services. After a year or two we will level the playing field and eventually progress farther than Chuck E. Cheese’s and Ci Ci’s pizza....
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