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General Motors Returns

General Motors Returns - state then the overall economy...

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Darryl Williams Dr. Fulgham ECO 212-01 18 November 2010 General Motors Returns General Motors is making a great comeback from its bankruptcy days. They just recently started to sell their stock publically on Wall Street. They were rescued by $50 billion of taxpayer and government money. This seems like a very good time for stockholders to start buying GM stock, because it is still at a very low price. If GM can manage to completely return to its past
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Unformatted text preview: state then the overall economy will receive a major surge of capital. The government used to own 61% of GM but they have sold their 400 million shares. Stockholders have already bought $23 billion dollars worth of preferred stock. Obama states that GM’s improvement is “not only in the turnaround of the company, but of the U.S. auto industry as a whole.”...
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