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3 Poems - emphasizes his point in two lines Know therefore...

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Darryl Williams Dr. Kathi Griffin ENG 205-09 1 September 2010 Critical Analysis of Three Poems The first poem, “Song of the Dead,” is actually a song that has been passed down through the Dahomeans. This poem is simple in structure and vocabulary, but it holds a much deeper and complicated meaning. The perceive death differently than most other societies ancient or modern. They see death as the complete end to everything that one knows and enjoys. This is certainly true and logical, but they take their beliefs a step farther by denying any existence of an afterlife like so many other cultures. This point is made in the first stanza, “There is no enjoying beyond Death.” What the reader is supposed to take from this poem is that one should enjoy life while they are living it, because when one is dead they will never enjoy anything again. The second poem is Li Po's “Fighting South of the Ramparts.” In this poem, Po illustrates his disappointment and disgust with how his country is being governed. At the end of his poem, he
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Unformatted text preview: emphasizes his point in two lines, Know therefore that the sword is a cursed thing which the wise man uses only if he must. Po is trying to convey that war is meaningless if it can be prevented, and he is weary of having his people die for no sensible reason. The last poem is Rosario Castellanos', Chess. Castellanos uses this poem to describe the irony of her relationship with another person, and how they both play each other in chess. In the poem, she says they play chess to add one more tie to the many that already bound us. This line shows the reader she is close to this person, and wants to continue to become closer. However, at the end of the poem she states that they also play the game to annihilate the other forever. This is when the poem becomes ironic, because they love each other, but yet want to annihilate each other in a sense....
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