Critical Analysis of “Letter to My Wife”

Critical Analysis of “Letter to My Wife”

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Darryl Williams Dr. Kathi Griffin ENG 205-09 10 September 2010 Critical Analysis of “Letter to My Wife” “Letter to My Wife” is a free verse poem written by a Turkish man named Nazim Hikmet Ran, and it apropos to a man communicating to his wife from Bursa Prison through a letter. Ran actually spends some time in prison, so this poem is more than likely from his point of view, which means that his wife is the intended audience for this piece of literature. The purpose of this poem is to comfort his wife, because apparently in a previous letter, he expresses to her that there is a chance that he might endure execution by hanging. His wife replies to the first letter he sends with “If they hang you, if they lose you, I'll die.” Ran sees that his wife is in turmoil over the graving news, which is why he states “Look, forget all this.” He wishes for his wife to disregard what he has already foretold. However, it is very ironic that he advises his wife to dismiss the execution when that is the topic of the poem. He even
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Unformatted text preview: illustrates his death with lines such as, a body swinging from a rope, and some poor gypsy's hairy spidery hand slips a noose around my neck. It is satirical in a way, especially when he tries to change the subject by saying If you have the money, buy me some flannel underwear: my sciatica is acting up again. Ran may be trying to take his wife's mind off of his possible execution with humor, but it is very doubtful that a woman who has received news that her husband may die will find any humor in the situation. He concludes his poem with, And don't forget a prisoner's wife must always think good thoughts. How can she possibly think good thoughts after he leaves her head filled with images of his death? It seems that Ran is counting on his satire to stand out more than the seriousness of the situation. This also looks like another case of a man saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, but Ran is doing so on purpose for the sake of communicating with his wife....
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