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Human Nature - Darryl Williams Dr Kathi Griffin ENG 205-09...

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Darryl Williams Dr. Kathi Griffin ENG 205-09 20 September 2010 Critical Analysis of Two Poems The first poem, “Human Nature,” is free verse and it is written by German poet, Freidrich Von Schiller. The purpose of this poem is to open people's eyes to how vast human knowledge is or can possibly be. The topic of this poem is in the title, human knowledge. Schiller is trying to convey that not even nature can contain man's knowledge. He personifies nature by saying, “ Thou dost think that thy mind wonderful Nature can grasp . ” He is saying that not only is human knowledge able to refrain from nature's grasp, but with only the mind man can completely grasp nature. Schiller shows how clever man is with, “Thus the astronomer draws his figures over the heavens, so that he may with more ease traverse the infinite space.” He is saying that man is clever enough to travel the universe using only simple constellations. The tone of this piece is inspiring, because it brings a sense a pride with it. Schiller's audience seems to be man in general.
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