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Darryl Williams Dr. Kathi Griffin ENG 205-09 4 October 2010 Critical Analysis of “Mista Courifer” Mista Courifer is a short story written by female African author, Adelaide Casely-Hayford. The purpose of this story is to help people better understand how life was for people in Sierra Leon before 1961. The topic is how a son breaks away from his father's influence and decides to live his own life. The intended audience is more than likely Africans who can speak and read English. Mista Courifer, a main character, values certain English styles more than African styles, because he is somewhat racist against his own people. He thinks that Europeans are, in a way, better than Africans. There is some level of self-hate inside of Mista Courifer to to cause him to believe that “everything European to be not only right, but the only thing for the African.” Tomas resented his father for forcing him to work for the government of which he had no taste for. Tomas also hate the
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Unformatted text preview: clothes his father chose for him, even to the point where “had it not been for his sister's timely interference, he would have chucked the whole collection into the fire.” Tomas eventually opposes his father's will by refusing to learn how to make caskets, deciding to marry a woman who cannot cook, and wanting to where Wolof clothes and live in a mud hut. Tomas even tries to get fired from his job, because “I never get a proper holiday.” Tomas does now want to become anything like his racist, close-minded, sexist father who thinks a wife should be “slaving away in the kitchen all times to make good chop for her husband who sits down alone and eats the best of everything himself.” Courifer already did not speak to his wife much, because they had nothing in common, and now that Tomas has decided not to follow in his plans, he no longer speaks period....
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