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The Kiss - eventually found himself in a dark room Soon...

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Darryl Williams Dr. Kathi Griffin ENG 205 22 October 2010 Critical Analysis of “The Kiss” “The Kiss” is a short story written by Russian author, Anton Chekhov. The purpose of the story is to entertain. The original story was more than likely written in Russian, so the intended audience is probably other Russians who can read. The topic of this story is a man in the army taking a break with his brigade. The main character is Riabovich, and he is “the most timid, modest, undistinguished officer in the whole brigade,” which is ironic because some how he became Staff-Captain regardless. The brigade is invited to the house of a retired general for a party and to stays the night. Riabovich is overwhelmed which “caused him intense fright and made him wish to hide his head.” He obviously feels out of place in such an elegant surrounding. Riabovich did not partake in the fun his men were having, but instead decided to look around. He
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Unformatted text preview: eventually found himself in a dark room. Soon after he entered, a woman came in, gave him a hug, and then kissed him. When the woman realized that Riabovich was not who she thought he was, she “shrieked loudly, and fled away.” After the encounter, Riabovich “felt that he must dance, talk, run into the garden, laugh unrestrainedly.” He tried to figure out who the mysterious woman was, but had no clue. He never found out who the woman was, but the wonderful feeling stayed with Riabovich while the brigade left the next morning. When the brigade returned to the village, they were invited to another party, and Riabovich became excited at first. Then Riabovich realized that he had no hopes of having the same luck at this party, and all those wonderful feelings he felt faded away....
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