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The Other Wife - they first entered the restaurant Marc did...

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Darryl Williams Dr. Kathi Griffin ENG 205-09 20 October 2010 Critical Analysis of “The Other Wife” “The Other Wife” is written by a French woman named Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette. I have no idea what the purpose of this story is, because it does not seem like it was meant to entertain, inform, or help understand. The topic of the story is a man, Marc, and his wife, Alice, go to a restaurant and the man recognizes his ex-wife sitting by a window. The main conflict seems to be between Marc and his ex-wife, because when they were married he “didn't know how to make her happy.” This information causes a new subtle conflict between the Alice and the ex-wife. However, the ex-wife is completely aware of this conflict. It seems that the Alice may be a little jealous of the ex-wife because the husband regrets not being able to “satisfy” his ex-wife. He even continues to try to look good in front of his ex by being “careful about his posture.” Alice tried to get the ex's attention by “laughing to loud.” When
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Unformatted text preview: they first entered the restaurant, Marc did not even want to sit near his ex-wife. This makes sense, because most people would not want their new mate to meet their old mate just to avoid any problems that might occur. Additionally, Marc would have felt uncomfortable being stuck in between Alice and his ex-wife. Even though Marc Seguy never considered lying, he really did not have to tell Alice that his ex-wife was there, because nothing good could have come from that information. Now, Alice feels as if Marc settled for her, because his ex was difficult and too hard to please. Marc tried to convince Alice she was nothing like his ex, which seems like he is calling Alice simple. Alice becomes self-conscious and automatically sees Marc's ex-wife as superior. The fact that the ex-wife and Alice have the same eyes does not help either, because Alice now thinks that Marc only loves her eyes because they remind him of his first wife's....
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