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The Rich Eat Three Meals

The Rich Eat Three Meals - assume that the topic of the...

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Darryl Williams Dr. Kathi Griffin ENG 205-09 13 September 2010 Critical Analysis of “The Rich Eat Three Meals” “The Rich Eat Three Meals,” is a poem written by a Vietnamese poet named Nguyen Binh Khiem. Khiem earns his doctorate degree and becomes a government official in the court of the king of the Mac dynasty. It can be assumed that Khiem lives a fairly wealthy life, because of his credentials and occupation. However, he is known as a man who enjoys the simple life compared to a life of luxury. The poem is spoken in first person from Khiem’s point of view. He begins the poem with “The rich eat three full meals, the poor two small bowls.” Right away, he distinguishes the main difference between the rich and the poor, but the conflict is not in between rich and poor but the desire for material goods and sheer peace. Although the title makes one
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Unformatted text preview: assume that the topic of the poem is about riches, it is not. The actual topic of the poem is peace in the simple things in life. Khiems purpose for writing this poem is to persuade people to see that even though people may be separated by class everyone can enjoy the simple things in life. The poor may not have as many materials as the wealthy have, but they can drink sweet plum tea, and lie in the shade, in the breeze. The simple life seems like it belongs to the poor, because the wealthy have everything else, but as a rich person, Khiem is saying that even the well-off can appreciate things such as mountains and rivers. This is why Khiems intended audience is both the rich and the poor....
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