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Test #1 Review - MNGT 350 Business Computer Applications...

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MNGT 350 – Business Computer Applications Test #1 Review 1. When you use type styles in documents, you might be including: A. bold and italics. B. proportional fonts. C. sans serif typefaces. D. serif and sans serif fonts. 2. A typeface that contains a narrow line or extension at the top and bottom of the primary strokes on characters is known as: A. serif. B. monospaced. C. sans serif. D. kerning. 3. Which option is used to decrease text horizontally by 20 percent? A. Spacing B. Scale C. Kerning D. Subscripting 4. To stretch a short title of a paper across the page, use the ___________ option. A. Expanded B. Proportional C. Scale D. Horizontal alignment 5. The Highlight tool is located on the: A. Page Layout tab. B. View tab. C. Insert tab. D. Home tab. 6. To prevent a Social Security number from breaking to the next line, use: A. nonbreaking spaces. B. nonbreaking marks. C. nonbreaking hyphens. D. hard line breaks. 7. The Character Spacing tab is located in the ___________ dialog box. A. Spacing B. Text C. Format D. Font 8. To fit an entire word that is slightly too long on a line, try the ___________ feature. A. Reduced B. Condensed C. Expanded D. Minimized 9. The best tool to use to copy bold, Times New Roman 12 pt, and blue font color from one
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subheading to all other subheadings is the: A. Copy and Paste buttons. B. Format Painter button. C. Highlight button. D. Copy and Paste Special buttons. 10. To mark text to quickly locate it at a later time, use the: A. Superscript tool. B.
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Test #1 Review - MNGT 350 Business Computer Applications...

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