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The Inheritance of Genetic Disorders

The Inheritance of Genetic Disorders - Darryl Williams...

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Darryl Williams Clara Butler HE 101-05 27 February 2011 The Inheritance of Genetic Disorders A genetic disorder is a sickness that is caused by the mutation of a gene or chromosome. Genetic disorders are passed down from parents to their children; which means that the probability of the offspring having a disorder can sometimes be determined. Some genetic disorders are isolated to only one gene, and these disorders are called single-gene disorders. There are also genetic disorders that derive from the mutation of a complete chromosome. These particular genetic disorders are called chromosomal disorders. Most genetic disorders, however, are caused by relationships between the environment and genes. These types of disorders are called multifactorial disorders. In order to completely understand everything about genetic disorders one must first become familiar with the subcategories that lie within these types of disorders: single-gene, multifactorial, and chromosomal. Although disorders caused by the alterations of a single gene are very rare, there are quite
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