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Group Marketing Project - Group Marketing Project(Darryl...

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Group Marketing Project (Darryl Williams, Linzy Jackson) 1) Executive summary- everyone We are providing a superior umbrella to the public that will not only protect our customers from the rain, but also have some longevity. We recommend targeting only the average middle-class that prefers not to allow the weather to affect their everyday activities. We are a new company and we intend to compete on the same plain as our competitors after we penetrate the market. We wish to sell at least 3000 units per year and obtain profit $22,500 in our first year of business. We expect to double our first year sales and profit in our second year. We expect to keep our losses below $52,500 to reach our profit goal. 2) Current Marketing situation a) Market description- darryl Demographics: Race: All Age: 6 yrs. + Income: $30,000 - $60,000 a year Gender: Any Education Level: All Psychographics: For anyone who doesn’t want to be caught out in the rain, and is tired of the basic umbrellas that turn inside out during strong winds. Behavior: People who have no problem continuing their everyday activities despite the weather, and those who jobs or everyday activities may require them to be outside. Geographic’s: Oregon, Washington, California, England, France, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Rhode Island, New York b) Product review -linzy Our product is a full size umbrella that collapses down to the size of a personal size umbrella. It also has a sturdier frame than most umbrellas so it will not blow inside out in strong winds. The handle is made of finished ash wood and the umbrella top is completely customizable. c) Competitive review -linzy
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Mayflower Enterprise Limited : Price: $18- $125 Positioning: High end fashion umbrella, valued more by its appearance than its’ utility. Jinjiang Jiaxing Groups Company:
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Group Marketing Project - Group Marketing Project(Darryl...

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