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Career Goals I have always been fascinated with music, which lead me to take up playing piano, percussion, and teaching myself how to play the guitar. I am also an accomplished hip hop artist who has written, produced, and performed on various albums. In addition to my music, I also write poetry and perform spoken word. Music is so much of a passion to me that I decided to share my passion with others. In order to do this, I started my own record/publishing label, RIP Squad Entertainment. My plans are to scout for gifted musicians, musical engineers, vocalists, songwriters, poets, and artists of every genre. My main goal is to sign these talented individuals to my label and assist them in advancing their careers. This is a very achievable goal in my opinion, because I feel like I have much to offer those who wish to become a part of the music industry. Additionally, I have experience as a recording artist, producer, engineer, songwriter,
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Unformatted text preview: and performer, so other musically inclined individuals will have the ability to relate with me on a personal and professional level. My second career goal is to start small restaurants around the United States and sell them to restaurant franchises. Franchising restaurants is a recent aspiration, but I have researched it very well and it is definitely something I could find pride in. I know the risks, which are low compared to starting a normal restaurant, and I am prepared for the hard work ahead of me. My mentors always advise me to have a secondary plan; so after heavy consideration I have decided that franchising restaurants is the best thing to do if my label happens to fail or even become successful. I say “successful,” because even though my restaurant endeavor is my safety net I still wish to pursue both of my career goals regardless of how successful my record label is....
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