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Small Business Marketing Plan

Small Business Marketing Plan - V PART II THE MARKETING...

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V. PART II: THE MARKETING PLAN A. OVERVIEW AND GOALS OF YOUR MARKETING STRATEGY Our main goal is to lower the amount of car accidents in the U.S. that are caused by cell phone usage. We are a newly established company, and this is our first year in operation. This is a perfect time to enter the market, because of the lack in competition and also the need of our product. Our target market will be parents of young drivers and judges. We will need to raise enough capital to commence with our plans, but after our monetary needs are satisfied, our goals will be easily reached. B. MARKET ANALYSIS Target Market Demographics – This product will be for those who are 16 and older. We will target all races and ethnicities, both male and female. Psychographics – We will target people who value their safety and the safety of others while driving. Niche Market Specifics – We are targeting people who have the authority to enforce driving conditions on motorists. i.e. (judges, parents of young drivers) Competition
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