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Darryl Williams Mercidee Curry ENTR 380-60 31 August 2011 Chapter 1 Discussion Questions 1. Entrepreneurship is so important in our economy, because the businesses created by entrepreneurs create most of the jobs in the U.S. 2. Organizational survival is pertinent, so companies are sometimes left with no choice but to layoff employees in order to compete with more efficiently. There are too many companies controlled by greedy individuals, and in order to increase their own salaries they make budget cuts elsewhere; for example, laying people off. 3. It seems that large manufacturing firms no longer have a strong need for new employees. In fact, technology is so advanced more and more people are losing their jobs to machines. Job creation is more likely to be created by small firms. 4. Rio de Janeiro is training students in computers in hopes of creating a generation of
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Unformatted text preview: technologic entrepreneurs. Niger is teaching its farmers entrepreneurial skills to increase their independence. Peru and the World Bank are developing entrepreneurial capacity in within the country’s people. 5. Outsourcing is using outside firms to perform tasks that could be performed internally. Outsourcing has enabled many entrepreneurs to start and maintain their businesses at a lower cost, therefore increasing their profits. 6. Market space defines the techniques, machines, and processes that allow buyers and sellers to transact business electronically. Market space gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to move into a new industry at its embryonic stage so they can grow their business along with the industry. Also, handling business electronically is usually cheaper than the traditional means....
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