Chapter 2 Discussion Questions

Chapter 2 - 4 The main advantages of being an entrepreneur are autonomy challenge of a start-up and financial control The main disadvantages are

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Darryl Williams Mercidee Curry ENTR 380-60 12 September 2011 Chapter 2 Discussion Questions 1. There are many types of entrepreneurial activities, but not everyone would classify the individual in each case as an entrepreneur. 2. I think that many people are born with an innate ability to become entrepreneurs, but if one really wanted to learn how to become one; that would be possible. 3. I have most of the common characteristics of successful entrepreneurs, but I lack some initiative.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. The main advantages of being an entrepreneur are autonomy, challenge of a start-up, and financial control. The main disadvantages are personal sacrifice, burden of responsibility, and little margin for error. The greatest obstacle is there is little margin for error. 5. If one plans on becoming an entrepreneur, they must have the determination and motivation to want to start and maintain their own business. They must also be willing to take risk....
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